All About the Jeep Wave ® Customer Care Program

Jeep® Wave Owner Benefits

One of the best parts of the Jeep Wave Program is that it comes with 24/7 customer support for any question or situation. If you have any questions regarding your Jeep model or services, you can quickly contact the company through a phone call. Otherwise, you can send a message via email or by using the online Live Chat feature on your account page whenever you need it. Period.For questions about your Jeep® Brand vehicle, to schedule service, or for anything else you may need, simply call 844-JEEP-WAVE,24/7. You can also get in touch via email or by using the Live Chat option on your account page at any time.Jeep Wave® members get preferred treatment at Jeep® Brand events across the country and access to exclusive events.

Jeep® Wave Owner Benefits

Filled with exciting benefits and perks, Jeep Wave was created to bring our owners the utmost in care and dedicated 24/7 support. Additional details regarding these benefits can be found later in this document. The Jeep Wave program is Jeep’s premium owner loyalty program which includes benefits and coverage to help s drivers get out and enjoy their new Jeep. This program includes worry-free maintenance, 24/7 owner support, and an extended vehicle protection feature. Better yet, all new 2021 Jeep vehicles come with this protection for up to 36 months. Contact our showroom team today for more details on all that the Jeep Wave program has to offer. Jeep Wave is a premium owner loyalty program that offers the Best-in-Class.

When does membership in the Jeep Wave® program begin?

If you’re already a member or need to complete your registration head to the Jeep vehicle owner website to get started. If you’re already a member or need to complete your registration, head to the Jeep vehicle owner website to get started. Enter the email address used to create your Jeep® Wave Owner Benefits account to receive an account activation link via email. All activation requests are reviewed and verified individually. We may ask for more information about your intended use of materials from the Stellantis media website before making a decision on your activation request.

The Jeep Wave® program is a way of saying “thank you” to all of our customers and has now been extended to the entire 2021 lineup of Jeep brand vehicles. There’s also a dedicated customer service line and the promise of “VIP treatment” at Jeep Brand events. As a Jeep owner, you probably have a few things to take care of for the optimal functioning of your vehicle.


The Jeep Wave Program doesn’t let the owner down when it comes to benefits. It’s hard to ignore the benefits of this quick, easy, reassuring program. Owners will be able to renew their Jeep® Wave program membership using the enrollment function on the site or app.

You will receive four free oil changes and tire rotations during your membership duration. Plus, while your vehicle is being serviced you can request a no-charge, same-day vehicle rental. Jeep® Wave offers our valued Jeep® owners the VIP treatment too. Get special treatment at select Jeep® brand events and even access to exclusive events. We have created a network of 150 retailers offering premium discounts and offers to Jeep® Wave members.


Driving a Jeep comes with a sense of pride and honor from years long past. It’s a great way to become part of a community, travel in style and safety, and enjoy a comfortable ride for years to come. However, having good upkeep for your Jeep is also essential. That’s why we at TouchUpDirect offer an extensive catalog of Jeep touchup paint kits for any make and model. Just provide the paint codes for your Jeep Wrangler or other Jeep model in our online database, and we’ll help you find the right OEM paint kit for your car. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us today.

Is there a special Jeep owner wave?

Initially practiced by Jeep owners driving the CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK, the Jeep Wave now extends to all members of the Jeep family. The Jeep Wave generally consists of a vigorous side-to-side motion of one or both hands, a raised hand waving, or two or four fingers extended upward from the steering wheel.

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