K.Stark : Founder, Total Producer


K.Stark : Founder, Total Producer

Specializing in business expansion, he has been called a genius for succeeding in multiple businesses in record time.
Involved in art production, he has produced hit works. He is also a collector of artwork. With the NFT industry holding huge opportunity right now, he is excited to start a project that is unlike any other in the world.
Specialty : CQC (Close-quarters Combat)


Markey : Creater of Art, Rock music

He has created record jackets and music videos for many famous musicians, from pop-stars to rock musicians, and is active in various fields such as fashion and sports design. He is fascinated by the world of NFTs and is very much looking forward to joining NFTCREATIVE which is launching soon, to explore this world and open new doors.
Hobbies: Music production, surfing, golf


Matthew : Blockchain Advisor

Served as an advisor to several crypto asset related companies.

He also gives lectures as an expert in the crypto asset and blockchain industry.


KA : SNS marketing

President of two general trading companies, he is gifted at bringing excellent products from all over the world that are not yet known, to the market. He has patented products as well. He also manages a social media marketing school and has many active students.
Hobbies : Kickboxing


Bambii: Creative & SNS Marketing

After a career in character business marketing, she is now a branding specialist and thoroughly enjoys the creative world. She has set up numerous collaborative events. leading challenging projects to success. Loves new and mysterious things.
Hobbies : Ikebana, shuffle dancing


MAY : Creative writing

Born and raised in a rare multi-cultural community. She has traveled all over the world for charity work, is full of curiosity and loves to learn about topics that interest her.

Hobbies : Playing in nature, people watching, drinking while cooking


Mikey: Web Creator

Azure Cloud Infrastructure Specialist. He is learning about Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and is planning a world of NFT Creative x Metaverse.

Hobbies : Rock climbing and adventure


Kevio : IT / Web

Bilingual. Graduated from college in two countries, lived in three countries. At a young age, he has played an active role in 10 different companies, and is a geek who is good at helping start new projects and analyzing them.

Hobbies are cooking and drinking.
Specialty : Javelin Throwing